Recent advances in the formal representation of ontologies have made it possible to perform standard reasoning tasks over real‐world large‐scale ontologies, and users of large ontologies are starting to adopt such reasoning tools. One of the consequences of the increasing uptake of these tools is the need to go beyond classical reasoning, and in particular, the ability to manage changes to ontologies as they evolve over time. Appropriate solutions for this problem have the potential to enrich the use of ontologies in real world scenarios. The seminar topic is therefore especially relevant for application domains in which ontologies have already proved to be beneficial, such as the biomedical domain.

Managing change in ontologies is an important emerging area. It is clear also that there are problems of common interest to the ontology, belief change, and database communities. A Dagstuhl seminar on this topic was held in October 2012 (http://tinyurl.com/lwzqzng), and was followed up by a Research School on the same topic in February 2014 (http://tinyurl.com/ojkpg6c). The success of these two meetings makes it clear that is necessary to set up a more regular forum for discussing and presenting work in this area.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in the areas of logic‐based ontologies, belief change, and database systems, along with researchers working in relevant areas in nonmonotonic reasoning, commonsense reasoning, and paraconsistent reasoning. Hence the workshop will facilitate discussions on the application of existing work in belief change, nonmonotonic reasoning, commonsense reasoning, and related areas on the one hand, to logic‐based ontologies and databases on the other.

Submission deadline extended to 10 May, 2015